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forever and ever and ever

posting see this is me posting and to prove it here is a picture of Jeremy Renner in a suit.


Been 1 year since I posted last....that is a long time ago gonna deploy again then I am out gonna enjoy a month in TX then on to VA it's gonna be awesome. Not much really new this past year, been to more soccer games than ever in my life. I don't get to see Thor or Priest and that hurts my feelings, Been havin trouble breathing too.

P.S I love this show, I am watching the worlds dumbest.


Ya know I used to be proud to live in this country...not so much anymore. What has happened to us? I really do want to cry....


Ok been awhile once again, I wait to long to do this. Been watching LOADS of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures lately, my new favorite thing on TV, but Chelsea still holds my heart watched them give Sunderland a whoppin today it was awesome a 7-2 scoreline, went grocery shopping jammed out to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It felt like we should have been in a convertable with the top down.

Finally my head has stopped hurting it only took friggin hours for the pain to go away, annoying I know. They gave me ANOTHER new job at work and it's ok not so bad and all that, really it's kinda a cake job. Finally gonna get to see Sherlock Holmes this weekend too, gonna go see it tomorrow...well later today actually, we are also going to go to Joe's Crab Shack which is good cause I really like their fish and chips it is my favorite thing on the menu.

Ok I have dulled you enough with my random ramblings.


It will be nice to be home for christmas, last year I was in Iraq it was well no words could really describe it but I am glad to be going home I only have half a day of work left and two days befor I leave, I have to go clean so everything can be ready for me to leave. That and in 12 min Chelsea will be playing west ham and we REALLY have to win this and I will be yelling at the tv fun times.

go me

I just found both Weiss and Gluhen box set for 38.00 I am so excited I am going to watch it now!!!


Chelsea came through in more ways than one...in my predictor I said Chelsea was going to win 3-0 and they did I got extra points for that! Petr had another clean sheet today that made me smile, they said that Drogba was the man of the match but in my opinion it was all Petr today.


another what I know

-I don't know anything about football
-Iker Casillas is still hot
-Chelsea is still number 1
-Chelsea will always be number 1
-Carlo Cudicini should be at Chelsea
-football confuses me.
-Drunk football fans are funny.


geez i can't believe Landon donovan missed his pk I am so upset if he had not missed and the rest of it went just the same LA would have won because Josh Saunders did REALLY good on stopping 3 or 4 of Reals shots I am proud of him he can be my favorite MLS keeper.

I would love to go but Spain is a no-no

There are several reasons why I could never ever ever ever ever in a million years go to Spain.

1. Iker Casillas
2. Sergio Ramos
3. David Villa
4. Guti
5. Raul

All of which would prolly get me arrested for stalking...


spidey omnomnom

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